About us


What do we believe? How is it shaping the way we live? Where are we going? How are we organised? Who gets to play? Are we accountable? These areas below will give you a few clues.


We are part of Vineyard Churches (UK and Ireland). We carry the Vineyard name as a legal trademark as so, should we decide to head off in a radically different direction, the movement has the power to remove that name.

We are directly overseen by Andrew & Roz Wallis who lead the Bristol Vineyard and are themselves part of the national leadership team.

We are part of the South Coast Region of Vineyard Churches, which is lead by Matt Hyam

Vineyard Churches (UK and Ireland) is overseen by John & Ele Mumford who founded and are on staff at the South West London Vineyard.

Oversight team

The Oversight team is newly formed (as of the start of 2012) and is made up of those who lead leaders within the church. It is not a democracy but functions as a group of people bringing their thoughts, wisdom, and counsel to the mix. Matt and Sam & Helen form the main core “decision-making” group although Matt maintains final authority. It would be a foolish person, however, to ignore the sage advice of this group! For profiles of the leaders click here or on the individual links below.

Matt Hyam (senior pastor)

Sam & Helen East (associate pastors)

Con & Jo Williams

Stephanie Cooper (children’s pastor)

Nick Thomas (CAP centre manager)


The church is a limited company (no. 3039060) and a registered charity (no. 1045724). As required by law, the church has a board of directors / trustees. These people are responsible for the financial and legal decisions in the church. Should things go badly wrong, it would be these people in prison!

Within the Vineyard as a movement, the trustees’ do not so much set the agenda as seek to act as a check and balance to ensure that the agenda is affordable and legal! As John Wimber famously said, “your job is to keep the senior pastor out of jail and out of the red”.

The trustees meet every three months (unless there is something specific to discuss).

Currently, the trustees are:

Matthew Cope

Josh Crandon (Thornhill church)

Matt Hyam

Dave Foskett

Zoe Griffiths

Dave Panaech