Pictures from the last Twenty-five Years of SVC

The church is the people and these are some of the incredible, precious, faithful people who have made our story and shared in the joys and the tears of the last 25 years.

These people, young or old, current or from days gone by, have made SVC what it is today.

Let’s share the blame, people!


Our first ever “housegroup weekend away” in 1993, maybe?

Baptisms in the sea, followed by a swim, in our early days

Our second housegroup weekend away.

Steve and Sarah’s Housegroup, back in the day…

A trip to Washington DC to visit the Church of the Saviour, 2002 ish

Our first CD – the “best of” our tapes

Church Weekend, 2007ish, Fairthorne Manor

Our second (and final CD) – Real

Church weekend cabaret – Pete and Mimm

Church Weekend Cabaret – Sam and Matthew

Church Weekend Cabaret, Abba Tribute – Hattie, Jackie and Lou

Simon and Jamin – the original yoof

Jo and Baby Ele (she is 16 now!)

Laura, our current Kids’ Pastor, with Charlotte (who is nearly 16!)

Richard, Diana and Howard

Sam and Helen with Izzy (now 15!)

John, Karen and Helen

Syeve, Loz and Chris-mate

Abigail and Jonah teaching theology to Reuben

Amanda and Sarah

Matt with Reuben (now 16!)

Young Nick at a Church weekend

One Christmas, we were visited by Angels

Marshmallows at the Church weekend 2018

Sam and his new fan club – Bethesda trip 2019

CAP Christmas Hampers 2018

The Infamous Mrs T-A-Lot

Sam and Helen’s Group 2018

Church weekend Slip n Slide – what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Nick and Sarah’s Group 2018

Just an average Sunday in Kids’ Ministry

Diana Sarah and Becky 2018

Jo and Dev

Sam and Simon

Steve, Claire and Rajni

Jim, Donna and Sarah

Stef and Nicky

Sarah test-driving Reuben to see if she wanted on

Christmas Service 2019

2016 – Alex, Sarah, Judi, Emily, Laura, Helen, Kizzie & Jackie

Staff first aid training 2018 – Nick’s Mum, repairing Andy!

It is a hazardous business working for SVC – Nick being bandaged up after a fight with the CPR mannequin

Many people have wanted to whack Matt around the head. Best to be prepared…

Christmas Service 2017 – Helen, Suse and Georgina

Sarah, Anna, Suse, Amanda, Loz, Karen, Victoria and Abby

The annual Church weekend cabaret performance from SVC’s very own comedy duo Steph and Suse

Georgina, Crystal, Suse, Natalie and Robin

Baptisms in the sea at Royal Victoria. Betcha wish you were getting in THAT water!”

Church weekend 1996

Church Weekend – Theresa and Angela

Loz, Nick, Jo (Elise), Danny, Chris-mate, Chris, Hattie

Church Weekend 1996 – baptisms

Nick and Sarah’s group Xmas 2015 – Back- Matt, Ryan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Matt, Natalie, Tim. Mid – Steve, Lizzie, Kasim, Mel, Sarah. Front – Nick, Tom

Thanksgiving 2011 – Kathryn, Becca, Rob, Emily, Dan, Chris, Vicky, Anya, Matt

2008 – Nick’s Group

Arthur and Sarah’s group, sometime in the 90s

Health and safety training at Aunty Penny’s – 1996-8? ish. Jo, Matthew, David, Alan, Howard, Di, Steve…

Christmas 2014 – also Esme, Beccy and Emily’s 21st Birthday

Church BBQ 2016. Ben taking a relaxed approach to cricket!

Church BBQ 2016 – Matt and Suse

Church BBQ 2016 – Kizzie and Helen

Church BBQ – Alan, contemplating.

Church weekend 2014 Cabaret. Reuben on drums, Anna and Matt.

Matt, Simon and Nicky on the train in India

Tom & Mel’s Wedding

Wrapping Presents for CAP Clients

CAP Xmas dinner

Beth, Ben, Tamsin, Rach

Bethesda’s Card for Di

Sarah, Debs, Laisha, Judi, Hattie

Kids Ministry in India

Gerard, Chris and Ben

Rach and Tom

Rob, Andy and Dave

Judi and Di

Jim, Nicky, Anna, Jamin (at the back – the original church baby now 25) and Tamar. Nicky died in Jan 2004, age 33.

Laura and Sarah

Di Hyam. Di died in 2012 aged 40.

Duncan & Emma


Ben and Alan

Annabel, Steph and Suse