1. iain says:

    “First of all”, he replied, “you get a rubbery feeling in your legs, often followed by intense perspiration, mostly from nervous anxiety. Next you can expect your tongue to feel very thick. This makes it difficult to say even your own name – which is fine, because your mind will have begun to feel so clouded that you will have difficulty even remembering your own name. When you start feeling these things you can feel really confident…”

    Can’t recall James mentioning this (James 5) when praying for the sick. Interesting addendum !! Pity it sounds more the ingestion of a toxin than an annointing.
    No need to wait for this – just go and pray……

  2. Matt Hyam says:

    True. I agree.

    But then the word used by James for “sick” is not the same as elsewhere in the NT and can equally be translated as “weak”, and the word that he uses for “well” is not eh same as elsewhere in the NT either, can get equally be translated as “strong”. In context of the passage (which is talking about struggling with sin, this is, perhaps a more helpful understanding.

    Nevertheless, just go and do it, as you say!

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