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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the post. I think that for the overwhelming amount of UK Christians the word ‘Evangelism’ is indeed a 4 letter word. Thre majority just don’t take Matt 28 seriously and don’t really take Jesus seriously. The Vineyard church has been ‘against the grain’ in that they’ve made reaching out a number one priority from their beginning. Outside of the Vineyard (which I am) it’s a really, really lonely place if you’re someone who is passionate about leading people to Jesus – be that for the first time (justificiation) or again and again (sanctification). Regarding what you’re saying, essentially about the ‘sinner’s prayer’ (so to speak), Wimber would endorse using the ‘Engel scale’. On that basis, with discernment, you ‘nudge’ people down the scale. Whether you can get them from -10 to 1 with a word of knowledge, or from -10 to -9 is not the point. The point is that you’re following the command of Jesus. The problem is when someone is -10 on the Engel scale and the ‘christian evangelist’ is engaging with them as if they were -1 on the scale. All I can say is praise the LORD for John Wimber and MC510 or I’d still be searching for a christian ‘friend’. Matt, may you be a coin in the LORD’s pocket and may He spend you and your life in any way He would like.

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