1. Lizzy Brown says:

    I rattle with you Matt. 12+ years and happy to continue to rattle for the rest of my life. In fact I cherish an Edward Monk card that declares “we must take our pills or we will go mad”
    Thank you for blogging this. I heartedly endorse what you’ve shared. Society (and that includes Christians who could do with thinking better) is too ready to dismiss anyone with mental ill health. It is as life limiting as many a physical disease, eg diabetes, but also something to live with and get along with just as a diabetic does. It may be limiting but the possibilities are limitless!

  2. Donna says:

    I totally relate.. I have tried different pills, each giving me different side effects, come off them, on them again as I was clearly not ready, also my physical ailments to keep in check. my Family not really knowing how to cope or understanding it. The vineyard church has been my saviour in many ways.
    I respect what you have written,
    I think everyone would be of been and is so proud of you as a person you seem to have gone through alot yourself and still able to help others, be a good dad, finish an MA and write another book! Can I say your pretty amazing matt!
    I’ve managed to sing and write some poems ! Lol

  3. John says:

    3 years ago I felt quite down. Every decision I faced drained me of energy. Working in sales added to my stress but I battled on. I was irritable and had sleepless nights which made me feel worse. I became less sociable which was out of character for me.
    My wife pleaded with me to go to the doctors. Reluctantly I did. I was diagnosed with low level depression and was prescribed medication. The Doc explained it could take a month before having any positive effect . He urged me to continue with them and said. I may feel worse before feeling better. He. Was right but I’m glad I stuck it out.
    In my experience of this medication it’s no miracle cure but feeling ‘normal’ again is a big relief. I know my wife and children will agree on that.
    I don’t know you personally Matt but I have the upmost respect for you. Your openness and honestly has challenged me to be more open too.

  4. A Thinker says:

    “The finest hour that I have seen
    Is the one that comes between
    The edge of night and the break of day
    It’s when the darkness rolls away”

    ( lyrics from “Across the Great Divide ” – Nanci Griffith – written by Kate Wolf.)

    It sounds like, you’ve been in a” dark night of the soul” for a long time.

    Keep believing that one day dawn will come

    , in the meantime have you tried a high strength Cod Liver Oil supplement?

    And maybe that particular counselling just wasn’t right for you, so I’d say keep searching till you find one that helps.

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