1. Wow thank you Matt. I confess I’d never noticed that list before and specifically that first reference to cowardice. In the context of Matt 25 it makes me wonder what Jesus would say to people who are willing to let others be harmed and suffer because they’re more afraid of harm being done to their personal reputations and/or their Christian funding. History tells us that this is what happened in relation to the role of women in both society (the vote) and the church (ministry). And before that, in relation to slavery. In both cases, it took 1800-1900 years of Christian influence in society (evangelicalism) before it happened. Wonder why that might have been?

  2. A Thinker says:

    This was a brave thing to write. Thank you.

    How do those people sleep at night?

    They are being used by Satan, not following Christ.

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