1. Dr Vaughan Powell says:

    (1) I often hear people expressing surprise at homeless people prioritising having a smartphone.
    Most benefits can only be accessed online now, with online forms that need to be filled out. Universal Credit for instance can only be managed online, and needs to be checked and responded to frequently. Even a face to face meeting at the Jobcentre then has to have your agreements confirmed electronically or the process simply start again. A smartphone with Internet access is literally food vs starvation for many people in poverty.
    There are a host of other reasons why homeless people need and rely on smartphones but I am too tired to list them all.

  2. Matt Hyam says:

    Hi Vaughan,

    My apologies if that came across as judgemental of homeless people. My point was not to single them out but to recognise just how smartphones have become so integral in Western life that even those who have nothing else have one.

    It was meant to be a comment on the slavery to this technology not on homeless people. The fact that they actually need one actually makes it even worse.

    I hope that makes more sense.

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