1. Joanne Williams says:

    Beautifully put Matt. Well done for holding onto your convictions even when it is not convenient or popular.

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Matt I am totally with you. Church is a hostile place for my friends and loved ones who are lgbtq. This needs to change in the Vineyard if we claim to represent Jesus .

  3. Pete Nash says:

    What does the Vineyard believe on these things then? There doesn’t seem to be a statement written down about it

  4. Matt Hyam says:

    The vineyard Statement of faith is very clear on Eternal Conscious Torment, original sin and penal substitution. That is why we do not have the vineyard statement of faith on our website. We use the Nicene Creed.

    As for LGBTQ things, they are very “coy” about it, but they do not agree with me.

  5. Janis Stevens says:

    How disappointing……Come as you are they say on the door! Clearly not if you are LGBTQ then…..

    I’m really sad to read this….

  6. JACK GERRATY says:

    I think all people are welcome to “come as they are” at Vineyard churches. You don’t have to behave a certain way to belong and I think that is quite rare as churches go. I think some people add “Come as you are, just don’t stay like it!” which is fair enough as we aren’t supposed to be staying as we are but becoming more like Jesus. I get there are certain hot potato issues here that are being discussed but i think the leaders at Southampton Vineyard church should look to meet with their overseeing elders/bishop?/apostle to share viewpoints and discuss these. To be honest the fact that Vineyard churches are prepared for their Pastors not to sign up and hold to their statement of faith speaks volumes – how accepting is that?! How many church denominations would allow that? None probably.

  7. Matt Hyam says:

    Hi Jack,

    Sadly, the evidence would suggest that if you are LGBTQ the Vineyard is not really a very friendly and welcoming place. Which is a real shame.

    I see a lot of very tortured leaders who are desperately trying to hold in tension being welcoming with their theology, which is ultimately not welcoming. It’s hard to watch.

    For the record, we have been in continual discussion with our area leaders, overseers and John and Debby Wright. We have made no secret of any of our views and have been fully accountable throughout all of it.

    Right now, all I would like to see is consistency. Either read all texts without exegesis or all with. Do not pick and choose the ones you want to interpret (women speaking, divorce etc) and just read (the translations of) the ones you don’t and then turn round and say you ‘stand on the word’.


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