1. Scott Golden says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your piece here ‘Shall We Have A Rethink’ and discussing the issue of LGBT+ people in the life and ministry of the Church. As a 50+ gay man, who at a time and place in my life felt a calling to ministry but, in light of the attitude of the Church back then (and still holds within a huge swathe of it and in particular within the Anglican Communion) I felt I could not follow that call. I turned my back on Christianity for many years. 10 years ago the man who is now my husband and, together we have returned to being part of a small Anglican group of parishes in the Church of Ireland here in Co. Wicklow that is welcoming. Sadly, however within the Church of Ireland as a whole, the issue of LGBT inclusion still rages and it’s official stance is respectful but non-inclusive. However, my husband and I have been fully embraced locally and we both play active roles in leadership within the parish. We are both also members of Changing Attitude Ireland which is a group of Christians here in Ireland, predominantly within the Church of Ireland but also working with our Methodist brothers and sisters, for the full inclusion of LGBT+ people in the life and work of the Church.

    Your piece here, Matt, is a wonderfully inclusive exposition on a subject that for a lot of people is so important and, as we have seen (and as I can personally attest to) for some can be a matter of life or death.

    Please, please, please, continue to speak thus to this subject as you have done here, in the knowledge that you are doing the will of him who sent you, to show His love to all who call Him Lord.

  2. Matt Hyam says:

    Hi Scott,

    What a beautiful comment. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Bless you and your husband.

    I pray that God will lead you into the ministry that he called you to. I am certain that he has not given up on you.

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