Ecclesiology Essays


(What is church and why do we do things the ways that we do?)

This was an overview of church history and how things have changed, caused splits or become normal over time.  An opportunity to look back at how we got to where we are now.  Not always pretty, to be honest! The Lecturer was Steve Holmes who is head of School at St Andrews in Scotland and heavily involved in developing doctrine for the Evangelical Alliance. He is actually N T Wright’s boss!

How and Why Does Liberation Theology Challenge Traditional Ecclesiology?

Liberation Theology is a catholic theology and considered by many to be very controversial as it allows for taking up arms against the oppressor.  It started in South America and is very much focused on justice, the poor and helping the oppressed.

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The Authority Structure of SVC. How it Functions and How it Relates to the Stated Ecclesiology of the Church

This is taking a look at how our the church functions, practically and how this is actually bearing out the ecclesiology which is what we believe about church and how we do it.  I have taken “Southampton Vineyard Person” as our stated ecclesiology.

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