“I still have more questions than…”

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I still have more questions than answers

Matt Hyam is the senior pastor of the Southampton Vineyard. Over recent years his journey has involved a process of rethinking many of his basic assumptions about the Christian life that he previously took for granted. This has had a significant impact on his lifestyle and the way he leads the congregation.

“I Still Have More Questions Than Answers” is Matt’s attempt to document the process and its implications. While his intention is not to be controversial or confrontational, he believes that there are several fundamental questions about the church and discipleship that need to be addressed if believers are to fulfil their biblical mandate in this new millennium. Matt recognises that these are not easy questions, but challenges his readers to ask them and embrace their own journey of discovery with God.

What people are saying about the book

If you are wondering what is going on with young Christian leaders and value honest reflection over ‘spin’ or self-promotion – euphemistically called ‘marketing’ – then “I still have more questions than answers” is spot on. Herein matt candidly displays the scrapbook of his journey to follow Jesus and ‘do church’ in ways that make sense for current culture. It is an enjoyable and enlightening read.”

Todd hunter

President, Alpha (USA); former national director, Vineyard (USA)

To be frank with you, I wish I had never read it now.  It echoes many of the questions I have had for years and puts out some more I have never thought of.  I had everything kind of mapped out, but now I am taking walks along the beach… thank you…  for the wake up call… I am making it compulsory reading for all in our leadership.

Simon Van Niekerk

Pastor, City Vineyard, Cape Town

How refreshing to find someone willing to shine a light on the subtle shadow that lingers behind many of the practices we do in ministry and church life. Matt’s tone is not condemning nor accusatory, but honest and inviting. Through sharing his story he invites us all to look a little deeper into the “why’s” and “how’s” of our faith journey.

Eric Sandras

Pastor of Port Angeles Vineyard, WA; author of “Buck Naked Faith”

How to order

The simplest way to obtain copies of “I still have more questions than answers” is to contact the office hello@svc.church or come on a Sunday and you will get a free one!