Virtual Church

While we are unable to meet we can still be church.

Church is the people, not the meeting. Church is about community. Obviously, with meetings being suspended this is more of a challenge but maybe some good can come from social media after all!

Our plan is to add new things regularly – blogs, videos, teaching, links to stuff, meditations, prayers and thoughts. We want to stay in touch and keep ourselves focused on Jesus as a body.

This page will be the hub for everything, so, keep checking in here for updates.


Monday 6th April 2020

  12:00-1:00pm – SVC prayer meeting via Zoom (click for link)


Sunday 5th April 2020

From 10am, Live church service via zoom (click here)


Friday 3rd April 2020


If your house is anything like ours, then it is crazy and both physical and mental space is hard to come by. Here is a great (vintage) Rob Bell video that I always find a great way to stop and meditate. It is about 10 minutes long. Click on the title or image to watch.


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Why is God Allowing this to Happen? (blog post)


Sunday 29th March 2020

Here is Nick’s talk from today


25th March 2020

If you found “The Bible Project” Video from yesterday helpful, then try this out. It is part one of an overview of John. Awesome.
A quick message from Matt about Sunday…and stuff.


23rd March 2020

If you have never come across “The Bible Project” then I totally, completely, 100% recommend checking it out.

They do 5-10 minute animated videos that are just amazing. The teaching is of the highest quality and it is so accessible. They do themes, books of the Bible, Word studies and they are so helpful. I found that I would watch their video before starting to read any book in my Bible and it was so helpful.

Let us start off with this video on “Heaven and Earth”, which was, in fact their first one. I shall post others as time goes on, but I totally recommend that you get stuck into them on your own.

Heaven and Earth video


22nd March 2020

SVC in a can

21st March 2020

A quick video message from Matt


19th March 2020

Take a look at this blog looking at the idea of lament in worship and how it is totally applicable to us right now.


18th March 2020

This idea was shamelessly stolen from Billy Kennedy. We could use this time to learn to pray in new ways.

We are meant to spend at least 20 seconds cleaning our hands each time. I think this is an opportunity.

Here are some prayers and liturgy or various lengths. In Biblical times, people learned “prayers”. Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer to be recited. In Acts, the believers devoted themselves the “the Apostles teaching and to *the prayers*”. It is a really helpful thing to learn ancient prayers and liturgy, especially ones taught in the Bible. So, print off the sheet, stick it by your sink and pick your prayer depending on how thoroughly you need to do your hands!

Handwashing Liturgy


17th March 2020

This is a video message from Matt (It is in two parts because it was too big to fit in one go…)
Video Message from Matt 17th March – Part 1
Video Message from Matt 17th March – Part 2


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