Rock is a space created for 11-14 year olds, in our community, to equip and encourage them to live in the reality of God’s Kingdom; learning how to worship Jesus with their lives and show love and compassion to others.  It is a place to hang out, a place to belong, a place to build real relationships and cheer each other on!


Rock sessions happen during the second half of most Sunday services as part of the youth ministry.  They are very chilled affairs, usually consisting of hanging out, eating biscuits and interesting discussions.


More importantly (as far as The Rockers are concerned) Rock Socials happen one Saturday every month (sometimes more frequently), and usually involve some form of junk food.  Movie nights, marshmallow toasting, pizza nights… are you tempted yet? They are fun-filled and perfect for bringing along friends, getting to know new people and hanging out with old pals.  If you’re part of this age group, then come and be a part of things! We’d love to have you!


Rock Housegroup

Something a little more for our older Rockers, we have our very own Rock House group. This is a smaller group that we can talk about a few more things, in a little more depth, than we can on a Sunday morning. Rock house group is every Wednesday evening, and is for Year 9 – Year 11s. This is a place where our rockers come to grow in their own faith and to learn what it means to live a life following Jesus.