1. Sammy says:

    Well said Matt. Working for a hospital myself we have to be ambassadors for keeping everyone safe. Since March I’ve found it useful checking gov advice (which changes lots), but following what we’re doing as a hospital (which hasn’t changed much). Sometimes the two are incompatible, e.g. how can you keep a safe distance in a restaurant at the same table as your friends, indoors with multiple households, all with masks off. Whilst mildly depressing, I totally support church not meeting yet. My top tip: get a van — it gives you instant immunity from carownervirus!

  2. John cook says:

    I agree churches should not be meeting but what I am struggling with is what is the role of the church now?
    Jesus gave us authority to heal so where does that sit during a pandemic? Our role worldwide seems to be in providing groceries, a good thing to do but didn’t Jesus say all authority had been given to Him, therefore Go!? Go do what, buy snacks from co-op?

    There must be something more churches should be doing than just hiding away and waiting for this to blow over?

    This is an opportunity to rethink what churches are about

  3. Donna says:

    Well done for not giving into pressure, and doing the right thing, absolutely, safety is the biggest importance right now…even if the meetings are on zoom! 👍

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