Book the Quiet Room

We are open for bookings.  Please look at the details below and complete the online form if you are interested in making a booking with us.

Step 1

Check our on-line calendar to see availability

Step 2

Check our booking terms and conditions to make sure that you are happy with them. You will need to print these and sign them to formalise the booking.

Note: as a guide, we suggest that the quiet room comfortably hold 4 people.

Our prices are £9 per hour (minimum 1 hours). Half day £30. Full day £60

(There are discount rates for regular bookings available).

Step 3

The Old Chemist Quiet Room Booking Form (ID #9956)
BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I acknowledge that the above premises remain under the control of the Church and this hiring is not intended to confer exclusive possession upon me/us and that accordingly no tenancy of the premises is intended to be created. It is further agreed that: The Hirer acknowledges that the Church gives no warranty that the premises are legally or physically fit for the purposes required by the Hirer. Southampton Vineyard Church accepts no liability for any loss, damage to or injury to any person or property, or theft, liability or expense suffered by any person during or as a result of the Hirer’s use of the Premises. We/I the undersigned accept that Southampton Vineyard Church cannot be held responsible for loss and damage or injuries sustained at the premises. All persons using the Premises or bringing personal belongings to the Premises do so entirely at their own risk. Furthermore We/I agree to indemnify Southampton Vineyard Church in respect of any damage occasioned to property arising out of the negligence of the user or their invitees. * The Hirer shall arrange appropriate insurance (for potential liabilities referred to above and against any loss, damage or injury to the Premises or any fittings or furniture belonging to the Church) and shall indemnify the Church in respect of any failure to secure such licences; * The Church reserves the right to decline a booking request if any aspect thereof is felt to be contrary to the values and ethos of the Church. I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Premises of Southampton Vineyard Church. I acknowledge that if I/we cancel our booking within 7 days prior to the original booking I/we will still be due to pay the full amount for the booking and no refund will be due. (

Step 4

We will come back to you as soon as possible with confirmation. When this has been done then please make payment to finally confirm the booking.

Please print off the Booking Check List and bring along to the booking. Thank you.