These are some dates…

These are also some dates…

Easter Holy Week 2021

Join us this Easter as we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

All services via Zoom. You are very welcome to attend as you are. Camera’s on or off, muted or unmuted. Wearing your Sunday best or still in your pj’s. Come are you are.

Sunday 28th  March, 10:15am – Palm Sunday Service  (Click here)

Monday 29th March, 6:30am – Morning Prayer  (Click here)

Tuesday 30th March, 6:30am – Morning Prayer  (Click here)

Wednesday 31st March, 6:30am – Morning Prayer  (Click here)

Maundy Thursday, 1st April, 6:30am – Morning Prayer  (Click here)

Good Friday, 9:30am – Short Family Service  (Click here)

Easter Sunday, 7am – Morning Prayer and Celebration  (Click here)

Easter Sunday, 10:15am – Family Service Celebration  (Click here)

Please note we will be sharing Communion together on:
– Palm Sunday
– Good Friday
– Easter Sunday Family Service.

Please have ready, bread and a drink of your choice as we share Communion together.