A Slow Road to Easter Series – Disciples

Our wonderful Associate Pastor Jo Williams continues the 2nd part of our series, A Slow Road to Easter. A series in which we take time to explore and look afresh at the Easter story.

In the 2nd part of this series Jo Williams shares some thoughts about the Disciples. The Disciples, Jesus’ closest friends, they had a special unique place with Jesus, yet the Bible shares how they they certainly made fools of themselves. They asked stupid questions, they didn’t understand and we especially see there many mistakes during the Easter story.

Jo helps us to see that despite the disciples humanity, with all their limitations and all there mistake God still has a special loving place for them as he does for humans. Jesus still desires to continue the building of the Kingdom through humanity.

In this talk Jo will inspire the listener, that even though we are facing tough times in the current pandemic, where everything at times can feel like a challenge.  God still chooses us.

PowerPoint (Includes Bible Verses): Click Here

Bible Readings

Mark 9:30-32
Mark 10:35-45
Mark 14:32-42
John 13:7

John 13:19
John 2:22
Acts 1:1-11
Psalm 8

Questions to reflect on:

1. How can you be more conscious and accepting of your humanity?

2. How can we take on the task of being the Kingdom?

3. Can we be a taste of heaven on earth?

4. Can you be intentional and conscious of being physically present in the spaces around you so that we’re not just intelligently Christian but we are bodily present and physically calibrating with the Father?

A Slow Road to Easter Series – Disciples


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