Bethesda Children’s Foundation Interview

Con Williams’ interview with our very own Sarah Thomas about the life changing work of Bethesda Children’s Foundation.

Bethesda Children’s Foundation is a UK-based charity that supports the work of Pastor Sam and his team to look after around 120 vulnerable children and young people in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Covid 19 has massively affected the work of the children’s home, many of the kids have had to go back to their original homes, with Pastor Sam and his team having to send money, food and supplies to not just the children but their families as well. This has meant a big increase in costs.

Check out this interview to find out more.

Here is the link to the video shown in the interview: Click here.

Can you sponsor a child:

For further information on Bethesda Children’s Foundation please check out there website:

Facebook Page: Click Here.

Bethesda Children’s Foundation Interview


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