Challenging our prejudices

Through the account of Simon and Cornelius in Acts 10 Con helps us to examine our worldview for prejudices we have gathered over the years.

Using personal stories to illustrate the challenge, this talk covers topics such fear-based gospel, LGBTQ inclusion and the middle-class church.

Con shared the Examen prayer:

  1. GIVE THANKS… For the things that make you different and the things that unite you with others.
  2. ASK FOR HELP… For the times we are judged and need to respond in confidence and love.
  3. REFLECT…. On how our words might divide people, destroy trust and downplay discomfort.
  4. SAY SORRY… For the times we judge others and make assumptions that hurt.
  5. DECIDE..  How you might see God’s image in everyone you meet.

May God grant us the grace to forgive others as he forgives us for the things we find hard.



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