Following Easter – ‘Con-plaints’ Group discussion

Reaching the end of our series, a slow road to Easter, we stopped this week to review a few aspects of the series through the unusual method of addressing some fictitious complaints to the church about our practices having slipped!

In three breakout groups the church chatted together about the questions posed, bringing some interesting insights, views and perspectives.  Whether answering the question of how to prepare one’s soul for communion (and whether indeed we can call it Communion if a cup of Builder’s tea is in place of sanctified wine), or questions around Jesus asking the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane to ‘take this cup’ from him  or what the church’ view is of what will happen to those who hear the Easter story but continue to only eat Chocolate bunnies, we all left with something fresh to think about.

This recording is of the feedback after the small group time where we hear from each group a summary of their discussion, thoughts and insights.

Following Easter – ‘Con-plaints’ Group discussion


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