In today’s talk, Church member and GP Paula Hunt gives a fantastic and inspiring message on Hope.

In this talk Paula looks at what Hope is, what Hope is not and how we can get hope.

Paula discusses hope from her GP perspective, as well as her Biblical perspective. Paula passionately shares how the Bible is filled with messages and specific verses on Hope.

However you are feeling, whether you are feeling full of hope, or whether things seem hopeless right now, Paula’s message is sure to encourage as she shares insights and perspectives to help us be and learn to become more hopeful.

For Paula’s excellent PowerPoint, full of pictures, verses and some of her notes, please click HERE

Bible Verses:
Romans 5:1-5
Psalm 71:1-24

Links Paula Suggested
1. Meaning of Hope anchors the soul
2. Use of Hope in Hebrews
3. Total Hope where do you find it?
4. Hope looks up
5. Living mere Hope
6. What is Hope?





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