How can I live the best life with God?

In this epic talk, Thornhill Vineyard Pastor Duncan House shares the story of the rich man’s conversation with Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

In this conversation, the rich man asks Jesus “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Which in it’s context is asking the question ‘How can I live the best life with God right now?’

Duncan unpacks this passage to explain the culture and context of this story. As well as focusing the listener onto a verse in the passage which is rarely reflected on.

Could this rarely reflected on verse change how we understand this passage?
Could this verse teach us more about what our relationship with God looks like?
What could this verse teach us about the answer of the rich man’s original question?
Ultimately what could God be saying to each of us through this rich man’s story?

Bible passage: Mark 10:17-31

How can I live the best life with God?


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