Joy Part 2 – The Light and Dark of Everything

For part 2 of our series on Joy, we have Vicar and Author Dave Tomlinson return.

In this talk Dave passionately shares how joy is in the light and dark of everything. Dave explores how darkness is not necessarily a bad thing and that we should view light and darkness as partners or twins rather than opposites.

Dave unpacks this for the listener further looking at the Eastern theological view (cataphatic and apaphatic theology), the happy clappy Psalms as well as the raw Psalms of complaints, laments and protests.

Dave suggests that life will move in cycles of light and dark times, muck (polite version) happens, but how will we react? How can we have fresh vision? What does joy look like in these times? Could joy be different to happiness? Where is God in all this? Check out this talk to find out more.

Bible Readings:
Psalm 126
Psalm 137 
Psalm 74:16-17

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Dave Tomlinson
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Joy Part 2 – The Light and Dark of Everything


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