Joy Part 7 – Joy in Generosity

In part 7 of our series on Joy.  Our incredible servant hearted Associate Pastor Con Williams gives an inspiring and challenging message on Joy in Generosity.

The talk begins with the Bible Projects video on Generosity. Please check it out: Here

Con talks to us about generosity, looking at what our generous God is like and comparing this to us being guests of a really good party where all needs are met.

The challenge however is that many of us have been deceived by the idea that their is not enough, that we are believing in scarcity.

Our God however is a giver, the word give is used 2152 times in the Bible, but will we trust God’s generosity?

In this talk, Con unpacks the Bible to share what the Old Testament says about God’s character of generosity, what Jesus says about generosity as well as the amazing joy that can be found through giving.

This is a talk filled with stories, illustrations and the ultimate boy racer car!

Bible Passages
Psalm 36:6-9
Luke 6:32-38

Joy Part 7 – Joy in Generosity


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