Joy Part 8 – Joy through Praise

In part 8 of our series on Joy. We have special guest speaker Catherine Delve join us from St Mary’s Church in Southampton.

Catherine passionately shares from Acts 16, the time that Paul and Silas are imprisoned due to casting a fortune telling demon out of a girl, much to the girl’s Master’s disgust. Catherine challenges us to consider the response from Paul and Silas when being violently beaten and placed in chains.

In this talk the listener is reminded that we have control over our responses. Paul and Silas in this bleak situation they find themselves in choose to sing. But how does singing affect us? Could it be that through praise, it enables suffering to surrender to joy?

This talk will inspire the listener as Catherine encouragingly shares the positivity and joy we have access to through singing and praising our wonderful Saviour as well as the defiance praise has against the power of fear and death.

Bible Reading
Acts 16:16-31

Catherine’s Blog Post – Praise as Defiance in the Face of Suffering and Death (Click here)

Recommended Reading
William Stringfellow, An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land



Joy Part 8 – Joy through Praise


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