Our Wilderness Experience

The always inspiring and uplifting Dave Caplin opened up the passage in the book of Numbers of when Moses sent his men to scout out the land.

In this passage the men come back and give a negative report, saying how it would be impossible to invade, full of fear and anxiety.

Dave relates this to our experience, being in the middle of a pandemic, changes in our Church and the pressures that we’re all feeling during this time.

But perhaps we’re taking a wrong perspective on this, perhaps our view of the future is blinded somewhat, perhaps we can only see the challenges in front of us, perhaps we are tempted to just look back to past with a rose-tinted view of it all.

In this talk, Dave challenges the listener to remember who God is, what God has done and how we can continue to trust God. If you are feeling down, worried, fearful or anxious, please check out this encouraging talk as Dave reminds us who we are and the amazing powerful God who leads us.

Bible Passages
Numbers 13:25-14:3
1 Peter 2:9
Hebrews 11

Our Wilderness Experience


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