There is Hope

In this inspirational message, Crystal Mintram opens up about the elephant in the room, of the fact that we are living in uncertain and unsettling times. This results in many of us feeling unrest and discontent, these feelings have reached into lots of different areas of our lives and this includes Church.

The changes around us can be seen as scary, yet Crystal encourages us to view this as exciting.

Maybe after all the Church needed a good shake up.

Crystal’s extraordinary message will inspire you with hope and excitement for the future as she opens up the Bible to encourage us in our God who renews, rebuilds and resurrects and gently reminds us all, that we’re in this together and we all have equal value in this Church family.

Bible Reading: Ezekiel 37:1-14

Questions to reflect on:

  1. Why do we do what we do?
  2. Why do we meet in the way that we do?
  3. What should be different?
  4. How can I be part of the change?

There is Hope


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