What are you looking for?

Vicar and author Revd Dave Tomlinson speaks with us on the first statement that Jesus says in the Gospel of John. Jesus first recorded words in this Gospel is a question: “What are you looking for?”
This is such an important question for each one of us to consider. What are we ultimately yearning and longing for?
Dave unpacks his talk by suggesting Churches can take two approaches to faith, either the destination approach (e.g. I’ve found the answer) or the journeying approach (e.g. this is my truth tell me yours).
Dave’s talk will grip you straight away as he illustrates through stories and asks important questions to ponder as we consider our spiritual intelligence, both personally and also as a Church.

Bible Passage: John 1:29-42

Suggested books by Dave Tomlinson:
How to be a Bad Christian

The Bad Christians Manifesto

Black Sheep and Prodigals

Connect with Dave via Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodluker?lang=en

What are you looking for?


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