What can we learn from Zacchaeus?

Jo shared a YouTube video from Tailrace kids which told of the story of Zacchaeus.

Tailrace YouTube video

This video brought to life the bible verse of Luke 19: 1-10

Bible gateway: Luke 19: 1-10 NIV translation

Jo unpicked the story of Zacchaeus, a misfit from the Bible, who spent his days skimming of taxes and collecting money for the Romans, discovers forgiveness when he spots Jesus in the crowd.  Jo, with the help of M&Ms showed us how much people earnt, how much money was due in taxes and how much extra Zacchaeus stole from people and just how disliked he was.  She spoke of how being short affected and him and why he ran and climbed the tree even though he looked undignified.  Jo told us how Zacchaeus gave back four times the amount he stole from people and, again with the help of M&Ms, showed us that Jesus is  abundant in giving out good stuff without counting.

Jo challenged everyone with the following questions:

  • Why did Zacchaeus want to see Jesus so much that he risked his pride and dignity?
  • What is it about Jesus that drew him in and made him want to see Jesus so badly?
  • Why didn’t he push through people and instead climbed the tree?
  • Would you find any way to see Jesus even if it made you look a fool?
  • What lengths would you go to to find Jesus and be with him
  • What presumptions do we have about who or what is acceptable to God?

What can we learn from Zacchaeus?


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