What would Jesus do if he were you?

In this talk, our amazing Associate Pastor Jo Williams confronts the difficulties many of us are facing in the midst of Covid with the uncertainty and demands. Jo will encourage you through this sermon to think about how you are living, how are we spending our time and asks the very important question:

What would Jesus do if he were you with all your limitations and all your potentials?

Links from the sermon:
– Bible Project video about Shema, how this word “Shema”, does not just mean listen but also to act. To use our Muchness. Bible Project – Shema Video. 

– Jesus’s words in Matthew 6:25-34.

– John Mark Comer: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Book. 

Below are the questions Jo asks the listener to reflect on at the end:

  1. Think about all the experiences, challenges, talents, relationships, possessions, time and health that you have. Everything God has given you (your muchness). – List 3-5 examples of your muchness?
  2. Sometimes we think of our muchness, as not very much, maybe we compare it to other people or it’s less than we’ve had before. – Next to each example, write one way you may be prone to worry about that thing?
  3. Next to each example write down one way God has shown his care and provision to you?
  4. What would it practically look like to use your muchness? – To use these thing you’ve written about, to love God and to love others?
  5. What would Jesus do if he were you, with all that you have?

What would Jesus do if he were you?


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