Being environmentally aware

Some easy ways to be more environmentally conscious

Here is an essay on the subject of a Biblical response to Ethical Consumerism.

Habits to get into:

  • Switch off your TV instead of leaving it on stand-by.  This is the no.1 power wastage in this country!  It will save you £20 per year by doing this and if everyone in the country did it, you could shut down THREE power stations! (Also, stereos, DVDs, videos, monitors etc.)
  • Unplug your mobile phone charger when it is not charging.  This is the second biggest power wastage in this country.
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need – don’t fill it up every time. This will save you the equivalent every week of leaving a light bulb on constantly!
  • Switch off lights when you are not in the room or not at home.
  • Only drive when you need to.  Walk, cycle, take the bus, take the train etc.
  • Reuse plastic bags, paper, anything you can
  • Recycle anything you can recycle.  Glass, paper etc.  Contact the council  for a list of recycling sites 023 8033 2788

Things to buy

Environmentally friendly nappies.

Environmentally friendly disposable nappies:

Reusable nappies

  • Try your local “Lollypop” agent.  They sell most reusables, will come to your home to run a “nappy party” and you can compare the various types.

Lower power light bulbs.

  • These are widely available online and in shops. LEDs are the best option.

Energy efficient fridges.

Fridges are on 24hours a day and so is probably uses more power than any other single item in your house.  If you change to an A-grade fridge you could save as much as £50 a year in electricity.  It could pay for itself in five years.  That could account for as much as 10% of the electricity use in your home!

Environmentally friendly products.

Ecover products are widely available in most supermarkets – washing-up liquid, washing powder, dishwasher powder etc.  They are made from plant extracts.


Since May 8th 2001 various environmental groups have called for a boycott on Esso (Exxon Mobil Corp).  These are some of the reasons:

“Esso denies the reality of Gobal warming.  Unlike other oil companies, Esso has refused to invest one dollar…in clean, renewable energy…  It’s largely because of Esso [who “donated more to get Bush into power than any other oil company”] that President Bush has washed his hands of the [Kyoto] treaty [the only international treaty to stop global warming]”  (Ethical Consumer magazine)

Remember, boycotting is not trying to punish a company, but trying to get them to change their ways.